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Barrington Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

Hire a Barrington DUI defense lawyer with a winning track record.

Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) has been a hot button issue in Rhode Island and with the Barrington law enforcement officials in recent years. As a result, the town of Barrington has made the enforcement of laws against DUI a priority. Unfortunately, sometimes zealous law enforcement officers may arrest a motorist who truly just had a couple of drinks on his way home from dinner. If you have been arrested by the Barrington police department for drunk driving, you need the help of an experienced lawyer. Drunk Driving penalties in Rhode Island are harsh. A person convicted for DUI is looking at a mandatory loss of license, large fines, performance of community service, higher auto insurance rates and must attend drunk driving school or alcohol counseling. DUI penalites are not a joke! DUI penalties can have a negative effect on employment, a relationship and a person's well being.

A Barrington Drunk Driving Attorney With a Track Record of Winning.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you need a lawyer who will give you the best chance to get your DUI dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge.

Since being admitted to the Rhode Island Bar in 1995, Attorney Michael J. Zarrella has established a reputation for his strong representation and major-league leagal skills in the DUI community. He is a lawyer that provides first rate quality defense for your DUI case. No matter how complex the case may be, Attorney Zarrella will work to get your case dismissed. Although not every DUI case can be dismissed, they often are dismissed and sometimes it is just because you have hired the right lawyer to defend you. Don't go at it alone, and don't go at it with a lawyer that does not have the top of the line experience in the field. Drunk driving law is very complex; there are extensive and various defenses to Drunk Driving cases under Rhode Island law. Michael Zarrella is extremely familiar with these defenses and has the experience to utilize theses defenses effectively in a DUI prosecution.

You can trust Attorney Michael J. Zarrella as your Rhode Island DUI lawyer, to do everything in his power to guard you and to protect your name, your reputation and your future. His legal know-how is your best chance to get your DUI dismissed or reduced to lesser charges.