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Downtown East Greenwich, with it's bay-side bars and fine dining restaurants, has become a prime target for the East Greenwich police department in their pursuit to find motorists driving under the influence of alcohol. The East Greenwich police are consistently looking for drunk drivers leaving many of the local bars and other establishments. If you have been unfortunate enough to have been arrested for DUI in East Greenwich, you neeed a lawyer that will fight to get your case dismissed. Don't go to court by yourself or with a lawyer who does not concentrate his practice on DUI and criminal law. Hire a fighter and go with a lawyer who has won numerous DUI cases in the past and who plans on winning many more in the future. Go with Attorney Zarrella!

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With almost 20 years of experience in the criminal and DUI defense field, Michael J. Zarrella has successfully defended thousands of criminal cases. Attoney Zarrella strongly believes that all of his clients deserve a DUI attorney who is going to give them straight-talk, while at the same time aggressively defends their drunk driving case. Attorney Zarrella takes pride in his many victories in drunk driving cases. He knows the defenses to Drunk Driving in Rhode Island, and will use his vast knowledge to help you get your case dismissed or reduced to a lesser sentence. If you find yourself charged with DUI in East Greenwich, you need to find a lawyer to handle your alcohol related driving offense. That lawyer is Attorney Michael J. Zarrella.