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The Providence police department has recently stepped up their DUI surveylance in the city. The police are constantly on the look-out for drunk drivers leaving one of Providence's manys bars, clubs, and restaurants. The Providence police often stop people leaving these establishments in the hope of finding a drunk driver. Although you may not be drunk, if you are pulled over and the police smell alcohol on your breath there is a very good chance you will get arrested and charged with DUI. If you have been accused of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence in Providence, you need a DUI lawyer that can help you though this troubling time. You need a lawyer with a track record of winning DUI cases.

Providence, Rhode Island DUI lawyer, Michael J. Zarrella has been successfully representing people charged with drunk driving, (DUI) in Providence and throughout Rhode Island for almost 20 years. He is an accomplished criminal and drunk driving attorney, who has the reputation of being a lawyer who can win DUI cases. The Rhode Island Drunk Driving Penalties are severe! Don't go at it alone or with a lawyer who does not have a DUI defense background. You need to call a lawyer that has a great command of the DUI law, as well as the reputation of winning DUI cases. Providence DUI lawyer, Michael J. Zarrella has both. He knows that DUI cases can often be dismissed or reduced to lesser charges by effective legal representation. The defenses to a Rhode Island Drunk Driving charge are substantial. You need a lawyer that knows how to apply all of these defenses to your case so that you can greatly increase your chances of getting your Providence DUI case dismissed.

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