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Attorney Michael Zarrella's blog is very informative with respect to DUI law, criminal defense and many of the trends in the Rhode Island judical system. Lawyers often read attorney Zarrella's blog to keep abreast of recent updates in the law.

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Driving Without Insurance Defense Lawyer

Driving without insurance can be costly in Rhode Island

Under Rhode Island law, it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle without minimum liability insurance coverage. If you do drive without insurance, the penalties can be harsh. Many drivers show up for court thinking they will receive a small fine but walk away from court with a large fine in addition to a long loss of license and the need for a SR-22 insurance. This can often lead to a person not being able to obtain their license for years because of the red tape involved.

A good lawyer will save your license and often get the charges dismissed. There are many defenses to driving without insurance. Many people think they are driving a car that has insurance but did not realize the insurance on the car they were driving lapsed. This can often be a successful defense. In addition, many people who do not have their car insurance also do not have their car registered. What the defendants do not know and the court will not tell you is that is the car being operated was not registered and that can be a successful defense to driving without insurance.

Penalties for operating without insurance under Rhode Island law


First offense:

  • $100 to $500 fine;
  • up to three-month suspension of your license;
  • $251.50 reinstatement fee;
  • SR-22.

Second offense:

  • $500 fine;
  • up to six-month suspension of your license;
  • $251.50 reinstatement fee;
  • SR-22.

    Third and subsequent offense:

    • $1,000 fine and
    • up to one year suspension of your license;
    • $251.50 reinstatement fee;
    • SR-22.


    Hire Attorney Zarrella today.

    The red tape involved in getting one's license back after a suspension for driving without insurance can be enormous. Often the cost becomes too high and people are not able to get their license back for a long time. Once you lose your license, every stop costs you to pay more and more money to the courts and the DMV. Call Attorney Zarrella! He will work so that you do not lose your license in the first place. Your ability to drive is your livelihood, don't handle this alone or with an inexperienced attorney. Call Attorney Zarrella now!