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Operating on a Suspended License can lead to loss of license and large fines.

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Operating on a Suspended License Defense Lawyer

OSL (Operating on a Suspended License)

Police in Rhode Island are always on patrol looking for drunk drivers as well as looking for people driving on a suspnded license. If you have been arrested in Rhode Island for driving on a suspened license, your criminal record as well as the future of you driving license is in jeopardy. Many people do not realize that if you plead to a driving on a suspended license, you are subject to a fine in addition to having a criminal conviction that will stay on your BCI for 5 years. Additionally, if you have any other criminal conviction, that OSL might prevent you from ever sealing or expunging your BCI in the future. Furthermore, if you plead to a OSL, the DMV will automatically suspened your license for additonal time unless ordered not to do so by the judge.

People often go to district court and plead to an OLS not knowing how it is going to affect them in the future. Often, after getting a conviction, people can not get though the red tape at the DMV and are unable to get their license back. This in turn leads to more OSL charges and eventually jail. You need to go to court armed with a lawyer who will get your OSL dismissed or at the very least make it easy for you to get your license back.

The fines and suspensions are real and they add up. Do not go to court by yourself. Call Attorney Michael Zarrella today.

Penlities for Operating on a Suspended License


First offense OSL

  • Up to 30 days in jail,
  • Fine of $250-$500 shall be imposed
  • Suspension of license up to 90 days
  • Misdemeanor conviction

Second and any subsequent OSL charge

  • Up to 1 year in jail,
  • fine of $350- $1,000
  • Suspension of license up to 6 months
  • Misdemeanor conviction

    OSL (Operating on a Suspended License) while you license is suspended for a DUI, Refusal or Reckless Driving Penalties.

    If you are chaged in Rhode Island with a Operating on a Suspended License and you license was currently suspended for a DUI, refusal, or reckless driving charge. You are facing a OSL 18.1. What this means is that you are looking at increased penalites for your OSL, including but not limited to mandatory jail if convicted, large fine, and long loss of license. Do not mess around with your future, you need to call an experienced lawyer. A criminal lawyer will try to have the charges dismissed or reduced so that the client does not have to serve jail time. A top criminal attorney in cases where the is a conviction should argue for a home confinement sentence,in lue of a jail sentence at the ACI.

    First offense

    • ($500) fine
    • Suspension of license for 3 month minimum
    • Up to one year in jail (10 days Mandatory Jail)
    • Misdemeanor conviction


    Second Offense within Five Years

    • ($500) fine
    • Suspension of license for 6 months minimum
    • Up to one year in jail (At least 6 months Mandatory Jail)
    • Misdemeanor conviction


    Third Offense within Five Years

    • ($1,000) fine
    • License revocation at least one year
    • One year mandatory jail
    • May be required to participate in a public service program
    • Felony conviction

    Common Defenses for Operating on a Suspended License 18.1

    The are just a few of the example a good defense laweyer can you to help a defedant in a Operating on a Suspended License 18.1.

    • Show that the charge cannot factually be proven.
    • Show the police had no reason to conduct an automobile stop in the first place.
    • Have charges reduced to a lesser charge to avoid mandatory jail.
    • Have client serve his or her sentence on home confinement as opsed to the ACI.
    • Show that the license was no longer suspended for the DUI, Refusal or Reckless, but was just suspended for not having it reinstated.
    • Show that driver never received proper notice from the DMV that his or her license was suspended.