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When a person has just gotten arrested in Rhode Island for drunk driving, it seems that all hope is gone. What you may not know is that many Rhode Island drunk driving arrests do not lead to drunk driving convictions. You needto hire a lawyer that will help you though this trying time and look out for you best legal interests.


Breath Samples

Just because you gave a breath sample and failed does not mean that your case is finished. There are many ways in which a person with a failed breath test can still beat his or her DUI charge. Some of the more common examples are as follows:

These are just a few of the many ways a person can beat a DUI charge in which they failed the breath test.

Furthermore, breath machines are subject to corruption. Even maintained and calibrated breath devices can give inadequate readings if the driver burps, regurgitates, or vomits prior to testing.

In additon to the breath test, any mistakes during the stop and investigation by the police can lead to suppression of breath test results. Often police will make a mistake in the investigation that leads to the suppression of breath samples taken at a later time. Some of the common mistakes that lead to suppression of the breath test in Rhode Islnd are as follows:

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg of ways in which to win a DUI case. Don't walk into court thinking you can't win. Hire an attorney that has a track record of success.











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