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Attoney Michael Zarrella's blog is very informative with respect to DUI law, criminal defense and many of the trends in the Rhode Island judical system. Lawyers often read attorney Zarrella's blog to keep abreast of recent updates in the law.

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If you have been arrested in South Kingstown for a DUI, be aware that Rhode Island's DUI/Drunk Driving laws are designed to come down hard on drivers. Even a first-time DUI charge can lead to a mandatory conviction, which includes mandatory fines, community service, DUI school, SR22 insurance for 3 years, large reinstatement fees as well as license suspension. Notwithstanding, a DUI arrested is not a conviction. Many people who have been arrested in Rhode Island for a DUI do not walk away with a DUI conviction. A top DUI lawyer can find the weakness in the State's case, which often leads to the case either being dismissed or reduced to lesser charges. Do not go to court unless you have a top DUI lawyer fighting for you.

Attorney Zarrella is a top DUI lawyer in Rhode Island

When choosing a South Kingstown DUI Lawyer, you want to hire someone who is going to fight for you. Many lawyers just go to the prosecution and take the first offer. These lawyers have not spent the better part of 2 decades concentrating their practice on DUI law as Michael Zarrella has. As a result, Attorney Zarrella is the DUI lawyer that other lawyers go to for questions. Attorney Zarrella has been winning cases in Rhode Island and South Kingstown for over 20 years. Many of the defenses he has argued and been victorious using are now being argued by others. He will fight to obtain the best outcome available.  Save your criminal record, save your license, save paying large fines and insurance premiums, call Attorney Zarrella now.