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Although many will argue whether there is such a thing as being overzealous when it comes to detecting and convicting DUI offenders, the Warwick Police Department is likely considered to be the most zealous police department in the state when it comes to DUI's. Warwick might not necessarily have the most drunken-driving occurrences, but it is likely that the city enforces and convicts the most offenders. The Warwick police department is constantly on patrol for DUI offenders. Whether it is Post Road, Airport Road or Route 95, the Warwick police are on the hunt for prospective drunk drivers. If you have been unfortunate enough to be arrested for a DUI in Warwick, you need a Rhode Island DUI lawyer that can help you avoid the harsh mandatory Rhode Island drunk driving penalties. Not everyone arrested for DUI is guilty of a DUI. Sometimes the police have casted a net that can catch people that are not drunk but just coming home after a couple of drinks from a night out.

Just because you have been arrested for a Warwick DUI does not mean you will be convicted of one.

In Rhode Island, a DUI charge is a serious criminal offense with long-term consequences. However, all is not lost simply because the Warwick police have charged you with a DUI. You need immediate action by an accomplished and trial dependable DUI lawyer. A staunch DUI lawyer often can successfully resolve your case and protect you from the long term consequences of a DUI conviction.

The Law Offices of Michael J. Zarrella understand that the majority of drunk driving clients have never been arrested before leaving them feeling lost and helpless. That is why attorney Michael J. Zarrella will work with you during these difficult times, and help you in your effort to get your DUI charge dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge.